Common mistakes when booking wedding vendors

May 14, 2024

Venue: Ever After Farms – Flower Barn

10 Common mistakes couples make when booking wedding vendors

Wedding planning can be a stressful time, but it can also be a lot of fun. Here are 10 common mistakes couples make when booking vendors for their wedding day:

  1. Spending too much on one vendor. It’s important to create a budget and stick to it. Don’t overspend on one vendor and then have to skimp on others.
  2. Going with the cheapest option. Quality is important, so don’t just choose the vendor with the lowest price tag.
  3. Waiting too long to book a venue or vendor. Popular vendors book up quickly, so start your search early.
  4. Not communicating what you want. Be clear with your vendors about your expectations.
  5. Not choosing professionals. Some things are best left to the professionals. Don’t try to DIY everything.
  6. Not having a contingency plan. What will you do if it rains on your wedding day? Have a backup plan in place.
  7. Not understanding the process. Do your research and learn about the wedding planning process.
  8. Not reading your contract. Read all of your contracts carefully before you sign them.
  9. Skipping the food tasting. Try the food before you book a caterer.
  10. Not having fun. Wedding planning should be enjoyable. Don’t let it stress you out.

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one common mistake is too much diy.

The DYI trap

Some couples may contemplate handling certain wedding services themselves to cut costs or because they feel capable. While DIYing some aspects of wedding decor or services is acceptable, certain vendors cannot be substituted by DIY projects.

Even for the most adept couples, certain services pose challenges if you lack industry experience. Attempting to manage these aspects may divert attention from other wedding preparations. When weighing whether to engage professional vendors for specific wedding services, steer clear of these DIY pitfalls:

  • DIY Wedding Cake: Crafting an elegant wedding cake is no easy feat. Multitiered cakes demand considerable time and skill to create, and amateur baking attempts may fall short. Since your wedding cake will be a focal point for guests, entrust this task to a professional baker.
  • DIY Food: While preparing food for a small wedding is feasible, catering for larger events presents logistical challenges. Handling the complexities of a large catering order alone is daunting. Hiring a catering company or restaurant will alleviate stress and ensure quality food service.
  • DIY Floral Arrangements: Incorporating abundant blooms into your wedding necessitates expertise to ensure freshness and beauty. A professional florist will streamline the process, sparing you the time and effort of trimming and arranging flowers on your wedding day.
  • DIY Photography: Despite having access to advanced cameras, hiring a professional photographer is essential for capturing lasting memories. Professionals possess the skills to capture perfect shots and orchestrate stunning photoshoots that you’ll cherish for years.
  • DIY Entertainment: While it may seem simple to manage entertainment with a playlist, a DJ or band elevates the atmosphere with their engaging presence. Their ability to host the reception and coordinate events ensures a lively and memorable celebration.

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Lakeland wedding photographer at Magnolia Barn Wedding Venue in Brooksville, FL

Venue: Magnolia Barn in Brooksville, FL

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