Hi, we're Carsten & Leigh

On your wedding day, each hour will flash by.

It will be hard to appreciate everything as deeply as you want because it all happens so fast.​​​​​​​

We've learned the secret to living in the moment on your wedding day: Work with someone you trust.

  ➢ A friendly and familiar face.
  ➢ An expert who knows when to step in and guide you
       and when to be a fly on the wall.
  ➢ And an ally who does more than take pretty photos.

How our couples see us on their wedding day

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Fun & Personal

Quick on their feet

Quick with decisions

amazing energy


Instant connection

provided perfect service

Felt like family

photographers turned friends

funny & creative

Taking charge



Who we are


espresso connoisseurs

world Travelers

Netflix Binge watchers

water babies

stand-up comedy fanatics

IN-TENTS campers

stable dog & pony people

Chef n' cookie

experiences  things

terrible anglers

open water divers

road-trippin' paddlers

We’ll approach your wedding day from a friends-with-a-nice-camera’s perspective allowing ourself an honest look into your wedding (trust us, everyone will be so much more comfortable).
We consider everyone we’ve ever worked with a friend and we care so deeply about each and every couple and we always want that approach to guide our work.

Our style of photography is natural and colorful — less posing and more guiding. We want to create stylish portraits while telling the story of the best day of your life that will quickly become your new family’s first heirloom. 

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