First Look - yay or nay?

If you are looking for wedding photographers to bring out the best of your wedding day and capture pure life, energy and love, so you will remember it forever...
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Are you debating doing a first look vs. down the aisle?

So you have decided to do a first look. First looks can be a fun, memorable and 
ultra romantic way to ease the nerves prior to the ceremony. Or maybe you really
want to go to your cocktail hour and enjoy the time with your friends and family
instead of rolling through more photos after the ceremony. We completely get it!


Here’s the most important thing, LIGHT!
The light is the factor to consider in regard to your images throughout the entire day.

That being said, we are game for a first look! However, it really depends on your choice of venue and location. If you have a large bridal party and most of the outdoor area at the venue isn’t shaded, it will be extremely bright during the time allotted for the first look.
Don’t get me wrong we can make it work.
But will it be ideal?
 This bright light will cast dark shadows on the facial features with the
sunlight being highest in the sky and directly overhead. To remedy this less than
ideal lighting situation, something to consider, would be an intimate indoor location
with just the two of you.


Have you decided to go in the traditional or dramatic approach? You want to see each
other for the first time at the ceremony. You are looking for that magical moment of
“the big reveal”, your eyes meeting for the first time, the two of you knowing that in
a few short moments . . . you will be husband and wife.

If this is your preferred first look. There are a few things to consider.
Will your ceremony be taking place at sunset or after making your wedding reception take place when it will be completely dark?
Will we be in a rush chasing the light for
portraits after the ceremony?
Is the ceremony space large enough to accommodate the movement of the photographer(s)?
These are all things we can review and take into consideration together.

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