Your Ocala Wedding Awaits: The Grateful Table Events & Owner Sam

April 11, 2024

As we explore Ocala’s vibrant community, we’re meeting passionate small business owners who are pouring their hearts into creating something special. This blog is all about sharing their stories and introducing you to the unique businesses that make Ocala such a great place to live.

For over 3 years, The Grateful Table Events has been a trusted and highly-rated choice for event and wedding planning in Ocala and Marion County.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sam. Sam is the owner and lead planner of The Grateful Table Events.

Sam, What inspired you to start this business?

I’ve always loved events. I actually went to school about 15 years ago for event planning. I was planning my own wedding at the time and decided all the craziness of planning MY OWN wedding wasn’t what I wanted. But there is such a difference in planning your own vs another wedding. I did some other jobs, finally I ended up teaching art to Kindergarten-6th grade and the school that I was working at realized that I went to school for event planning so they had me running their events (moms tea, Christmas program etc.) and I quickly realized that I liked events more than teaching. Prayed alotttt about what to do and took the leap as I felt peace and it’s been such a blessing ever since. I have such a passion for the details and organization for each event and I lovvvveeee my clients.

What makes your business unique?

The Grateful Table Events is 100% God led.

We pray for each client and event before every event and a lot of time with our clients/brides!

We pride ourselves on exceptional over the top customer service and phenomenal communication!

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Who is your ideal customer/client?

Friendly clients looking for creative, organized assistance in their event/wedding. 

What’s your favorite aspect of running this business?

The schedule to still be with my girls and the joy of seeing it grow into what God wants it to be.

I also love connecting with my clients and getting to know new people and hopefully be a light in our crossing.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

This has been the hardest one to answer.

I honestly don’t have anything for this one. Despite sitting here thinking for a while haha.

Best I can come up with is rain/weather challenges

What are you most proud of achieving with your business?

A great reputation of superb customer service and a beautiful portfolio of past events.

What exciting things do you have planned for the future of the business?

Growing our team and being able to do more events, while obtaining the same eye for detail and providing exceptional service.

What piece of advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Just be friendly and communicate. We need more exceptional customer service nowadays.

When you have that, you stand out.

Is there a specific cause or charity that your business supports?

We aren’t at this moment, but have helped with a couple of different charities like Foster Florida and Motherhood Transformed.

How can people learn more about your business and connect with you?

We try to stay current on social media! We post our latest events often. Connecting through text is always the fastest.

The Grateful Table Events



What’s your favorite restaurant? 😉

Sonnys is the current fav. Love Soleil as well!

(Yes, you’ve guessed right, it was Sam’s idea to meet at Soleil Bakery. 😄)

12. Could you list one or two business owners that our community should meet?

Nicci with Pretty N Pinned

Jon and Sheena with Top Shelf Bartending & Catering

Sam, thanks so much for the coffee date today! It was such a pleasure to finally meet and chat with you in person!”

It was truly wonderful to meet with Sam, and we hope that you will give Sam a call when you are ready to plan your wedding or next event.

And we as Ocala wedding photographers, we definitely look forward to working with Sam and her team in the near future!

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  1. Sam is such an amazing person to work with!


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