Phavy: A Mom, Wife, Traveler, and Your Passionate Photographer

January 21, 2024

Meet Phavy, a woman of many hats: a loving mom, a devoted wife, a restless adventurer, and, most importantly to you, one of my favorite photographers in Jacksonville, Florida with a heart for capturing life’s precious moments.

She knows that memories, like fleeting butterflies, can easily slip away. That’s why she’s dedicated to freezing them in time, weaving stories with light and shadow, and preserving the emotions that make your weddings, engagements, and family portraits truly special. This, she’ll tell you, is where her true magic lies.

On the personal side

Phavy’s journey began in Lowell, Massachusetts, but fate, and perhaps a handsome high schooler, brought her to Jacksonville, Florida, where she decided to plant roots. Though a part of her heart still whispers of Massachusetts, she finds joy in building a life here with her husband and their three children, a lively crew that keeps things exciting, even if a tad chaotic.

Despite the whirlwind of family life, Phavy has mastered the art of balancing home and business. You’ll often find her globetrotting with her family, their passports a testament to their love for exploring the world’s hidden corners. In every new landscape, she finds inspiration, a chance to capture beauty in its myriad forms. These travels not only fuel her creativity but also enrich her family’s perspective, reminding them of the world’s vastness and wonder.

Phavy, Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire

For over a decade, Phavy has been weaving her magic through wedding photography. Her signature style leans towards modern luxury, a testament to her keen eye for timeless elegance. Her work has taken her from coast to coast, her reputation built largely on the whispers of satisfied clients. It wasn’t until late 2022 that she decided to share her talent with the world, finally launching a website and social media presence.

So, if you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Jacksonville, FL who doesn’t just capture images, but stories, who sees the beauty in the ordinary and the extraordinary, who shares your passion for life and its adventures, look no further than Phavy. She’s more than just a photographer; she’s your trusted storyteller, ready to preserve your precious moments in vibrant, timeless frames.


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