Questions to Ask Your Lakeland & Ocala Wedding Photographers


All of our wedding photography packages include:
• 6 - 12 hours of coverage on your wedding day
• Personalized wedding photography timeline
• A one-on-one personal experience with us as your guide throughout the wedding planning process
• Edited High Resolution Images
• Sneak Peek photos the first week after your wedding
• HD Slide Show Video
• An amazing digital gallery to access your Photos and share with friends and family
• Print Release

How many photos do we get?

We promise 75 high resolution professionally edited photos per hour of shooting.
That would translate to around 750 images for a 10 hour wedding. 
In most cases you'll receive way more and we do not have a cap of how many photos we deliver.

Do you have a particular photography style?

Yes! We capture elegant and exciting wedding photography that encompasses spontaneous moments as well as traditional wedding day portraits. We put great emphasis on capturing the most authentic and meaningful candid photos. We may give simple directions to create the most pleasing images while maintaining the genuine emotion of the moment.

Why hire a professional wedding photographer?

A pro knows exactly what they are doing.

An experienced Ocala wedding photographer knows how a wedding day flows like the back of their hand. They know when they should arrive, what they need to wear, what key moments to be on the look out for, and what looks good and what doesn’t. Professionals also know how to adapt to weather and lighting changes. Having an experienced wedding photographer puts you at ease knowing that your memories are being captured by someone who knows what they’re doing, and being at ease allows you to be fully immersed on your wedding day and focused on celebrating with the ones you love.

Pro wedding photographers come with contracts, making sure that you get what is promised in their wedding package or collection. This could be the number of hours or items included, or even the number of images you should receive. You can rest easy knowing that your photographer is committed to honoring your agreement.

Hiring a professional also means you can rely on them to guide and instruct you with posing. Everyone wants to look good in their wedding photos. An experienced photographer will not hesitate to provide you with direction and guidance during the process, and will also make it an enjoyable experience for both of you.

How many hours should you book your wedding photographer for?

8 hours of coverage will allow your photographer to document the main parts of your wedding day as well as the end of you getting ready and more of the reception. 8 hours of coverage is usually enough for most people and will generally work best when your ceremony and reception take place in the same location.

If you want to make sure your photographer doesn't miss a thing on your wedding day, 10 hours of coverage is the way to go.

But isn't 10 hours a huge amount of time?

It can definitely sound like it at first, but consider: If your hair and makeup begins at 10am, and the wedding doesn't end until 11pm, that's 13 hours of time right there!

Of course, most people won't have their photographer arrive until they've been getting ready for a couple hours. But a wedding makes for a pretty long day, so what sounds like a lot of coverage may be the best option for you when you examine how much time these events will really be taking. If you want coverage of pretty much everything and you don't want to feel rushed, 10 hours is usually the best option. It will also allow for plenty of time to get all of the most important shots if you have to commute to different locations on your big day.

Will you be our photographer on our wedding day?

Yes! Every wedding couple gets our talent and expertise. We have a reputation for capturing every wedding day moment. This is one thing that makes us top-rated wedding photographers in Ocala and Lakeland, Florida.

Do you photograph more than one wedding per day?

No! On wedding days, I do not book any other sessions. Your wedding day is solely devoted to you! I believe I stay fresh and energetic for your event by only booking your event on that day.

Do you take posed family photos (formal photos)?

Almost every wedding couple wants these photos taken on their wedding day, so yes!
We actually are going to ask you for some groupings to make this process as efficient as possible.

Do you have a fun personality?

Yes! I am professional but enjoy keeping the day fun and exciting. I will ease your stress by telling funny anecdotes. We are some of the most enjoyable Ocala photographers.

Should I do a special first look on my wedding day?

Yes! Couples who do a first look are more relaxed and spend more time together on their wedding day.

Will we be meeting you in person before our wedding Day?

Absolutely! We love meeting our couples in person, even just to hang out and have coffee.

Emily & Kevin

10/10 experience!! The quality of all the pictures turned out amazing!! They know all the best angles for the perfect shots and made our experience so much fun and unforgettable! So if you want the most stunning photos for any occasion.. book them now you won’t regret it!! Love love love ❤️

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