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All wedding photography packages include an in-person or FaceTime/Zoom meet before the big day, a sneak peek of your wedding photos within 2-3 days after your wedding, delivery of high resolution professionally edited digital files on a flash drive with a personal use copyright release and an online gallery with your wedding photos. 

How many photos do we get?

On a typical wedding day, we will take about 2000-3000 photos. The majority of those photos are taken in long bursts. Anytime we have a group of people in front of us, we will take 10-15 (ok, 50) photos at a time. Because it’s difficult to get a photo of a large group with everyone’s eyes open and their mouths closed. Out of that burst of photos, you’ll get 2, because in all the other photos people are blinking, reciting epic poetry or whatever they’re doing that isn’t what they should have been doing.

It’s kind of the same for pictures of people in motion. Have you ever seen a series of photos of your uncle Jim dancing? It takes a few dozen shots to get a good one because he's always making weird faces at the camera.

Since it takes time to edit all of those photos, only the best images are chosen and edited for you. In the end, you get a beautiful collection of perfect photos showing everyone at their best. This way you don’t have to sort through a bunch of less than perfect photos to find your favorites.

That’s why professional wedding photographers are awesome.

How do I know if you're the right photographer(s) for me?

If you’ve read this far, you have learned a lot about us, and what a professional wedding photographer should do for you. Do you feel like we are someone you would want to spend a day with? (Remember, your wedding photographer is a vendor you’ll actually spend a lot time with on your wedding day, so it’s important that they don’t creep you out.) Do you think we seem like someone you trust to make the kind of photos you want to see of your wedding day? If the answer is yes, or even maybe, you should email us right now. We should have a chat and get to know each other a little better. 

Also, it’s ok if we are not the perfect wedding photographers for you. Hopefully you’ve learned a little something here to help you find the perfect professional wedding photographer for your day. No matter what, remember: It’s your day, and it should be perfect on your terms.

Why hire a professional wedding photographer?

That is an excellent question! All photographers are not created equal.

What makes Wedding Photographers different from lifestyle, sports, studio portrait, nature, real estate, product advertising and even amateur hobbyist "Uncle Bob"?

Wedding Photographers have skills in all of those areas. We have a very diverse skill set. As you might have guessed, this kind of expertise has come from years of honing these skills and perfecting our craft.

What are those skills? We're glad you asked.

We are highly adaptable to all environments, weather and lighting conditions, excellent communicators, collaborators, coordinators and directors of large groups of people in a time sensitive and fast paced environment. We have impeccable people skills, an eye for detail and the big picture. We are nimble and experienced in landscape, natural backdrop framing, architecture, posed portraits and the ability to capture candid action at the reception from one moment to the next. 

We do this for a living and have an incredible amount of experience. It's our passion, art and we love it!

We are ethical, reliable, licenced, insured, legally permitted and have the proper professional equipment and editing skills that protect you from fraud, liabilities, headaches, stress and expensive disappointments. 

At the conclusion of your big day we will spend many hours editing and producing your love story in photos.

How many hours of coverage do I need?

The Short answer is usually eight (8) hours.

There are many variables involved and each wedding is unique. This may not be the correct amount of time for your big day. We would love to customize a package to accommodate all of your precious moments.

We offer a six (6) hour package that is tempting to a lot of couples. However, six (6) hours of coverage is best for micro weddings with less than 50 guests and short two (2) hour receptions.

If you want photos of getting ready, the dress, jewelry, flowers, the ceremony, portraits and a typical reception including the toasts, first dances, cake cutting and send off; you will need at least 8 hours of coverage.

If you and your guests will be: changing locations one or more times, such as from a hotel to the church or from the church to a reception hall or you would like to include a first look. You will likely need ten (10) hours or more of coverage. 

Do we have a ten (10) hour package? Absolutely! 

Why should I hire Visual arts?

The big question: Why should you hire us?  
Our vision and purpose is to provide the best wedding photography and experience possible.

Take a look at our Mission Statement:

Visual Arts Wedding Photography builds lifelong quality relationships.

We immerse ourselves in genuine connection with people, continuous learning and development of technical skills and expertise in the use of industry leading equipment and technology.

We place the powerful artistic expression of photography in the context of family culture and how we connect with, love one another, celebrate and travel together.

We capture natural emotions in the moment, on your most important day. As a result you and your loved ones will cherish these precious moments for generations.

Why Visual Arts Wedding Photography, Inc? Because you're our family!

What is included in your packages?

All wedding photography packages include:
  • in-person or FaceTime/Zoom meet before the big day
  • a sneak peek of your wedding photos within 2-3 days after your wedding
  • delivery of high resolution professionally edited digital files on a flash drive
  • personal use copyright release and an online gallery with your wedding photos

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, both. Visual Arts Wedding Photography, Inc. is licensed and insured. Venues refuse admittance of wedding vendors on property without proper licensing and insurances. In Florida and most states these are mandatory.

What does professional editing mean?

Photos don’t just come out of a camera ready to hang on your wall. Unless it’s a Polaroid. Truth is, a professional mirrorless camera actually takes a pretty boring photo. Shaking it like a Polaroid won’t help, either. The image is meant to be a blank slate so that the photographer can have complete artistic freedom.

So we take your photos into our secret photography laboratory and we process them. If you have a blemish, the magic wand makes it disappear. If there’s a spot on your suit, we use a spot treatment to remove it. If there’s a random street sign in an otherwise perfect photo, we eliminate it. There’s lots of little remodels that we do to make your images just right.

What equipment do you bring?

Equipment needs vary widely from one wedding and venue to the next. Depending on the season, time of day, lighting and architecture. We prepare for each event and location with diligent research to accommodate all necessities. 

Do you bring back-up equipment to the event in case of malfunction?

Yes, ALWAYS! We will provide you with the best possible photos of your wedding day and equipment failure is not an option.

Do you take breaks and/or require meals?

Yes, as outlined in our contract, we require a meal break. Wedding days can be very long and we need to refuel during these long days as well. We usually sit down and eat while your guests eat, because nobody likes their photos taking while they enjoy their meal. Most couples do provide a meal for us and we would appreciate if you would do the same. Leaving the wedding venue to get something to eat would delay our ability to be back within a reasonable time and we may end up missing precious moments.

Have you shot at our venue before?

There are hundreds of incredibly gorgeous wedding venues in South Florida and thousands more nationwide. 

We have made a point to partner with many sought after venues, arranged private tours, establish a working relationship with the planners/coordinators and capture photos of the venue on location. 

We feel that these hand-picked locations, familiarities with each venue and relationships established with their amazing team members are of great value to our couples. 

It gives us insight to the capacity, possible themes, vibe, architecture, lighting and personal touch afforded by the outstanding teams at each location. 

Please bare in mind, if your dream venue is not yet listed. We are scouting, reaching out, connecting with and shooting new exciting venues every day. We are interested in your suggested venue locations and would love to check it out!



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