Are you planning your engagement session?

Try to avoid heavy floral prints, harsh contrasting colors, large or apple watches,
large statement necklaces or belts. Black can be done and look fantastic. However,
black looks best paired with black.

Your vision of this session begins with the important choice of location. This choice
sets the stage. What do you want it to feel like? Do you want it to be relaxed with
the playfulness of a walk in the park or an open field drenched in sunlight? Maybe,
the two of you with your furry best friend, cuddled up on a bench or holding hands,
walking on the pier? Do you want the romance of the sandy beach, listening to the
beat of the tide and feeling the ebbing water under your feet? The two of you bathed
in golden sunset light wrapped in a gorgeous painted sky looking out over the water
into the distant horizon? Do you want to wear fashion forward or formal attire
contrasting stark buildings and downtown skylines? First, pick the feeling you are
trying to convey and we can assist you in choosing a place and time to bring your
vision to life. There are many locations we frequent and are always scouting new

Once the location is chosen, the next step is to coordinate attire. If you are open, we
prefer to help in assisting you to coordinating your outfits. Mostly because it’s fun!
But we also have a lot of experience with what blends and clashes with your vision
we are trying to capture.

What should you wear?

Neutrals are always a winner! Pick a color palette and touch on it throughout both of
your outfits. Cream, white, gray and then you can add in a color such as blush, navy,
sage and so on. Dainty earrings or prints can add a lot of texture in small doses.
Location will also play a role in deciding which colors to use. You will notice in these
engagement sessions, the couples wear colors that stand out in their environments
without being loud or busy.

What are the benefits of having an engagement shoot with your wedding
photographer? First, you will get to know us and this will make you both more comfortable on your big day. Second, when you are comfortable with us your friends and family will be too. This makes your wedding photos and candid shots at your reception so much better! You also get an opportunity to get comfortable interacting together in front of the camera. The goal of engagement photos can be many things;
a reenactment of the big proposal or revisiting the exact spot they popped the question. Sometimes the goal is to have the perfect photo for your save the dates or R.S.V.P.’s to send out to your guests. In any case, we would love to make your vision come to life and be an enjoyable experience!