Miami Beach Elopement or How nothing went according to plan.

November 6, 2023

Andrea & David, who had planned a sunset beach photo session in Miami, ended up having to switch to an indoor editorial fine art shoot due to unexpected weather conditions.


The concept of elopement has undergone significant evolution in recent years. In the past, eloping was often associated with couples running away for secret or impromptu ceremonies. However, in modern times, elopement has taken on a new meaning. It’s now all about doing what feels right for you, rather than conforming to others’ expectations. If a traditional wedding doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to discard that notion!

Eloping offers a distinct experience from a traditional wedding, allowing you to share a more intimate connection with your partner. It has gained popularity as an alternative to conventional weddings, providing couples with the opportunity to revel in the unique atmosphere of love, unity, and secrecy that may not be attainable in a larger gathering.

With an elopement, there’s no need to go through the complexities of organizing a large-scale ceremony with a hefty budget and a guest list. You have the freedom to enjoy the flexibility that elopement weddings offer, where the couple, along with their photographer, take the reins of the day, unrestricted by any external constraints.


During your stay in Miami, you and your partner deserve nothing less than a relaxing and enjoyable experience, just as any special occasion should be. That’s why I’ve put together a curated list of the finest places that Miami has to offer for the duration of your elopement!

Andrea & David’s Miami Beach Elopement

Andrea & David are an extraordinary power couple, both driven, full of vitality, and exceptional parents. Given their hectic schedules, carving out time for their micro wedding in Miami Beach was quite a challenge. It’s worth noting that Andrea and I have maintained regular communication about their elopement in Miami over the past few months!

The day before her big day, Andrea gave me a call and asked if I could capture the moment. Without hesitation, I agreed. Weather as suppose to be perfect, sunny with a few clouds for the perfect pink and purple and blue sunset.

Andrea also pointed out that they only have a 2 hour window for photography. No pressure! As we arrive in Miami it starts pouring with no end it sight. We decided to move our session inside, and luckily I had brought some lights and stands just in case weather wouldn’t cooperate.

Best spots for photos in Miami

Miami offers an abundance of breathtaking locations for a bride and groom photoshoot!

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a standout choice, boasting 10 acres of stunning gardens and architecture that can evoke deep emotions.

For a touch of tropical charm, consider having some photos taken at a beach like Miami Beach or Crandon Park, with swaying palms and sandy shores setting the perfect backdrop for your elopement. Additionally, Deering Estate provides a picturesque landscape for capturing unforgettable elopement moments.

However, perhaps the most exhilarating option is a sunset boat cruise, which yields dreamy, enchanting photos. When the time comes to plan your day, I’ll have even more recommendations for you to choose from!

With just under 10 minutes to spare, we decided to check the weather, and to our relief, the rain had stopped. This allowed us to capture a few shots on the beach.


Most of the time, an elopement doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as a traditional wedding with guests. Unless you want to go crazy and spend a ton of cash, it doesn’t need to cost over $10,000. Your most expensive cost will usually be the photographer which will run you around $3,000.

Now it depends on how long you will stay and where you stay. Say you picked one of the hotels I recommended above, for example, Biltmore Hotel, this one will cost around $400 a night. Let us say you only stay for 3 days, that’s $1,200, if that’s out of your range, you can grab hotels for much cheaper, like $100-$200 a night. Other costs include, transportation, flights, officiant, florist, and any photo permits needed to hold your ceremony.

I hope this guide helped you with choosing between having an elopement or a traditional wedding. All I can say is that I love photographing elopements and I think they are an amazing way to celebrate marriage!

If you’re planning getting married in Miami and still don’t have a wedding photographer be sure to check out some of our previous work and maybe we’ll be the right fit for you!


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